The Didsbury Museum, situated in the Town of Didsbury, Alberta, has been established to tell the story of the founding, settlement and development of the community in and surrounding the Town of Didsbury from the late 1800s to the present.
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A Passion for Model Vehicles

What started out as a way to remember vehicles he had once driven, turned into a collection of 112 model vehicles for Alan Little. He turned over his complete collection of vehicles to the Didsbury Museum in 2013 as a way of allowing the community to share in his passion for collecting model vehicles.

It started about 10 years before that when he saw an ad for a model 1948 Ford truck for sale. But that truck came as a pair with a 1956 Ford truck.

"I really wanted the '48, (because of memories)," but he decided to take them both. After that, 23 more vintage Ford trucks came to Little, about one each month. After he had the entire collection, he started buying the Ford car collection, then the Chevy truck collection, and other vehicles such as the Mercedes, Studebakers and Nashes. The cars go from 1903 to about 1965.

Some of the vehicles are on a 1/32 scale, meaning the models are 32 times smaller than the comparable vehicles people would drive. Others are 1/18 scale. Each of the cars comes with a card describing the vehicle, much like a sports memorabilia card.

Little decided to donate his collection to the Didsbury Museum because he wanted others who might have an interest in seeing the cars to have access to the collection.

"I'm glad I found ... a place to put it so that if somebody wants to see what it's like, they can come here," he said.

Before the donation to the museum, his family never saw the exhibit in its entirety (some was on display, but some were in a closet). The first time they saw the entire collection was when they came to the museum after his memorial in November of 2022.

Photo credit to Paul Frey, Mountain View Publishing, May 20, 2014 Didsbury Review.

Miniature Car "Show and Shine" - Didsbury's Newest Event
In 2022, after a two year "covid pandemic hiatus", organizers with the Didsbury Car Club were excited to be back at it with their annual Show & Shine. Held on the Saturday of the Mother's Day weekend, for more than 30 years, Didsbury's Main Street gets turned upside down with fun, music, and the greatest vehicle display around. Residents and tourists see antique cars, classic automobiles, sports cars, hot rods, muscle cars, and pick-up trucks!

That same year, the volunteers with the Mountain View Model Railroad Club built their own Miniature Show & Shine upstairs in the Railroad Room at the Didsbury Museum! So, not only can you see Alan Little's Miniature Antique and Vintage Cars display when you visit the Museum, but you can also see this fabulous Miniature Show & Shine.

Remember, we also have the Didsbury Rural Fire Protection's 1950s Tanker Truck in our front yard, so pop over and take yourself back in time with muscle cars, luxury models, and roadsters - just by visiting the Didsbury Museum!

Just two of the really neat miniature cars you'll see at the Didsbury Museum.
Over 100 miniature vintage cars and trucks are a permanent exhibit on the main floor of the Didsbury Museum.

Photo courtesy Rick Astle, Historical Society President, Olds Alberta
1955 Oldsmobile

Just two of the really neat miniature cars you'll see at the Didsbury Museum.
Left: 1925 Chevrolet Series K Superior Roadster
Right: 1928 Chevy Imperial Landau

Such fun to check out our miniature car show during Show and Shine weekend in Didsbury.
Designed by the Mountain View Model Railroad Club, come see our Miniature Show & Shine in the spring.

The Didsbury Museum is one of the most loved buildings in town and hosts many signature events in Didsbury. DIDSBURY MUSEUM
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