Watch this website for upcoming events through the year. The Board and volunteers are planning special events with following  new health and safety protocols.  There will also be information on the Facebook, mydidsbury newspaper and radio.

 The day has finally arrived!  The Didsbury and District History Book is published and you are able to pick up your copy!   The cost of the book is $40.00 including gst. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transer

Looking for a venue for a small wedding or the perfect pictures? Call us at 403.335.9295 

The first on-line auction was held July 1 - July 4. The Board would like to thank all of the sponsors, bidders and volunteers who worked so hard to make the auction a success.  There were a few fun "bidding wars" and we received favorable feedback.  Thanks again and watch for the next events that are in the works! 


You can also go to or

The last day is the 26th with the Great Railway Adventure! The Garden Train maiden ride will be that day as well as crafts, story tellers, music and quilts to admire.  The day will finish off with movies and popcorn!

Unfortunately the movie night was cancelled due to lack of registration

If you wish to volunteer you'd be more than welcome. Call to sign up  Thank you

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